Plumbing the Depths, Breadths, and Heights of Expense Report Fraud

In Harold Robbins’ novel “The Carpetbaggers,” Jonas Cord—a fictionalized version of Howard Hughes—entices an executive to join his company using the pretext that the potential new hire can bank his salary, put his personal living expenses on his business expense reports, and live off the reimbursements he receives. Today, the Cord Character’s offer would be  [ Read More ]

When Slice-of-Life Spells Success

Slice-of-life isn’t always the best strategic approach to use in direct response creative but when the audience is sufficiently targeted—and likely identifies passionately with the problem the copy describes—I’ve seen it pull impressive results.   The four-page template below certainly did. I created it after interviewing a number of physicians in the Indianapolis area. The  [ Read More ]

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