September 2003/March 2005 (concurrent with Weston Education)
Downey Savings

Provided consultation and direct response copy services for Downey Savings

Accomplishments at Downey Savings:
The direct mail efforts I wrote were so successful that Downey Saving founder and CEO offered me a 2-year contract to become corporation creative director. Examples of those efforts included:

  • Existing customer mortgage refinance letter
    Generated a 36% recipient acceptance of Downey’s refinance offer
  • Renter incentive letter
    Offered renters a “0%-down” mortgage that lets recipients pay less to own than to rent. This effort garnered a 12% response from recipients for new home loans
  • Tax season low-rate home equity loan letter
    Recipients received a pre-approved, 6-month rate reduction for using attached personalized checks to write their own loan prior to the deadline date of May 31st. The letter increased customer home equity loans by 14%
  • Incentive letter to real estate agents
    Crafted copy that incentivizes real estate agents to recommend Downey Savings’ residential home loan services to their clients. The letter offers agents free “Purchase Express” service and a $100 rebate on their client’s home inspection. This effort beat the long-standing control and generated a 5% increase in residential home loans due to increased traffic of real estate agents into the program
  • Certificate of deposit letter
    Mailed to residents living within a defined geographical radius of Downey Savings branches. This letter offered recipients a special 9-month certificate of deposit (CD) with a “Rate-protection guarantee” which automatically increases the return on the CD if rates go up provided the recipient opens the CD by the deadline date. This effort increased response over past mailings by 25%

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