Janet Kluczynski

John is one of the most adroit and talented writers I’ve ever worked with.

Although his core background falls within the territory of promotional creative direction from the copy side, at TriNet he quickly—and intuitively—understood the organization’s culture, service category, and messaging needs.

This perceptive understanding enabled him to perform a great job at meeting TriNet’s wide-ranging communication requirements, which included lead generation, corporate, and public information communications, as well as internal communications. John also moved seamlessly between all communication formats – everything from short-form interactive and social media projects to long-form blogs, industry articles and client case studies.

As a digital, 100% paperless online services company, TriNet required a technical and creative professional capable of navigating between the disciplines of interactive, direct response, collateral, and video communications. John was able to step in and successfully meet all of these challenges from Day One.

I say “Day One” because when I received his very first TriNet blog for review, I circulated it to the review team with the comment “I think this blog post is wonderfully written and am not changing a word.”

I enjoyed working with John and would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone searching for a first-class wordsmith, a great creative team participant, and just a fun guy to work with.

I would be happy to talk to anyone about John’s talents at any time.

Sr. Manager, Client Communications

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