March 2007/February 2011
Kane & Finkel Healthcare Communications

Advertising agency specializing in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostic, and corporate communications—70% professional/30% consumer

Client and brand assignments:
Astellas US: Prograf, Transplant Experience, Astellas Europe: Corporate Communications, Roche Diagnostics: Cobas 4800, OrthoDermatologics: RETIN-A MICRO, Abbott Diabetes Care: FreeStyle Lite glucose monitor, QLT, Inc: Visudyne, Santen USA: New Business Generation, CollaGenex: Oracea, Dendreon: Provenge

2011 Accomplishments at Kane & Finkel:

  • Visudyne
    Re-launch of QLT’s drug for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration. Doubled prescription sales within six months
  • Transplant Experience
    Added upgrades and new interactive features to Inspire magazine, a quarterly publication sent to members of Transplant Experience (TE). Similar upgrades were also added into monthly eblasts. These efforts retained the existing member base and increased new members by 10% resulting in total TE membership of over 100,000
    Produced copy and video segments for the launch of OrthoDermatologics’ first e-detail aid. E-detail aid announcement communications sent to dermatologists’ offices increased sales representative’s face-to-face contacts by 10%. Sales representatives hailed the effort as a vastly improved communication tool compared to past print versions

2010 Accomplishments at Kane & Finkel:

  • Prograf
    Following the patent expiration of Prograf, the gold-standard immunosuppressant for transplant recipients, created copy for the “Put it in writing” campaign. This effort enabled Astellas to retain 80% of annual sales levels for the drug ($884 million)
  • Astellas Transplant Expo
    Created copy for collateral materials publicizing the opening of Transplant Expo—a traveling exhibition covering the history of transplantation. WINNER of a 2010 Health Information Awards Bronze Award
  • Transplant Experience
    Conceptualized and scripted new video segments featuring transplant recipients and healthcare professionals on WINNER of the 2010 Rx Award of Excellence
    Spearheaded a comprehensive re-write of the brand’s website resulting in a 35% increase of traffic to the website and 200% increase of rebate coupon downloads

2009 Accomplishments at Kane & Finkel:

  • COBAS 4800
    Developed winning copy concepts for the launch of Roche Molecular Diagnostics’ COBAS 4800 platform for HPV and CT/NG screening
  • Astellas Europe
    Developed the “Cards of Change” motivational program designed to inspire Astellas Europe sales representatives to work for positive change in their local communities. WINNER of the 2009 RX Club Award of Excellence

2008 Accomplishments at Kane & Finkel:

  • FreeStyle Lite
    Created copy launching the FreeStyle Lite blood glucose monitor for Abbott Diabetes Care—this effort resulted in the most successful monitor launch in Abbott’s history

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