Kevin Byrd

John is a results-oriented, creative talent who consistently delivers exceptional advertising concepts and copy—whether written for a general advertising or direct response project.

I learned this when we worked together at the largest integrated communications company in Indiana: The Jackson Group.

At that time, the firm included Communico—an award-winning general advertising agency, and Total Response—a direct response advertising agency.

Because of this diversity, our client base was extremely varied. You never knew what assignment would cross your desk when you came in each morning. It might be a project for Eli Lilly, LensCrafters, Bell Atlantic subsidiary Howard Sams, Toriani Flavoring Syrups, the Indiana Soybean Growers Association, The Kaufman Foundation, and many others.

John was a master at moving smoothly from brand assignment to brand assignment—always coming through in a pressured situation with outstanding creative that consistently exceeded the client’s expectations. From my background as an art director, John is a pleasure to work with because of his flexibility. He consistently listens to each member of the creative team, works as a team player during the conceptualization phase, and goes out of his way to write copy that aligns with the art director’s visual ideas.

I strongly believe that John would be an exceptional creative asset to any firm, whether on the agency or client side.

Kevin Byrd
Senior Art Director/Writer, Moroch.

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