Melissa Vega

As a Senior Graphic Designer assigned with John on many of the same brands and projects, I can observe from personal experience that he is an absolute pleasure to work with. In addition to his wonderful accomplishments as a creative strategist and powerhouse wordsmith, he is a great team partner.

I can’t tell you how many times, during crash deadlines, when the assignments we worked on just had to get out that evening, he patiently sat next to me, and, as partners, we went through the final project review together “on screen.”

John did these reviews with the utmost professionalism, expertly catching any minor last minute copy (and occasionally visual) glitches so that the assignment went out on time, on budget, and ultimately resulted in rave reviews from the client.

That’s the bottom line on John: he’s a straight shooter that consistently delivers—and exceeds—what he commits to from both a creative copy perspective, team player perspective, budget-sensitive perspective, and last but not least, a client pleasing perspective.

I’d be pleased to talk to anyone about John’s exceptional abilities whenever requested.

Melissa Vega
Art Director
Senior Art Director

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