Noreen Jenney

John’s perspective comes from the creative side of advertising.

Over a ten-year period, I worked with John on numerous celebrity acquisitions. We secured talent including William Shatner, Sally Struthers, Alan Thicke, and many others.

The talent was always enthusiastic after working with John. His creative performed impressively; in fact the nationally broadcast direct response TV spots John wrote, and produced using Sally Struthers as the product endorser, were so successful that she remained the company spokeswoman for over eight years.

John’s perspective on negotiating is to achieve a win-win situation for everyone involved, which made my job of negotiating with the celebrity talent much easier.

John is a top-notch creative professional who also understands the business side of advertising and marketing. And, by the way, he is also a delight to work with!

Noreen Jenney
Principal of Celebrity Endorsement Network

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