December 1999/January 2002
Ogilvy CommonHealth

A WPP Group Agency, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide is the largest pharmaceutical advertising agency in the world

Client and brand assignments:
GlaxoSmithKlein: Avandia, OrthoDermatologics: Renova, Dermabond, Johnson & Johnson Company: Panacryl, Enfamil, Schering-Plough: Claritin

Accomplishments as Ogilvy CommonHealth Associate Creative Director:

  • Avandia
    Crafted concepts and copy for the launch of a relationship-marketing program for Avandia leading to a 35% increase in patient adherence and Rx sales of $2.1 billion by 2006
  • Renova
    Acted as Associate Creative Director and Copywriter for the launch of a relationship-marketing program for Renova prescription wrinkle cream resulting in an 11% increase in customer refills by 2001

    Conceptualized and wrote a valentine-themed Renova direct mail effort aimed at professional women between the ages of 35 and 55. The mailing was tested against page ads placed in general-interest women’s magazines. Results of the mailing lowered lead cost by 40% and increased conversion (trips to the dermatologist to request samples) by 5% compared to the magazine print ads
  • Dermabond
    Conceptualized and produced copy for a self-mailer for Ethicon’s Dermabond brand—a liquid bonding agent. The goal of the mailing was to increase physician requests for product samples, which in turn allowed Ethicon representatives to make direct contact with high-interest physicians. The mailing increased requests for samples by 56% beating all past direct mail efforts
  • Enfamil
    Produced copy for Mead Johnson’s Enfamil brand of staged-nutrition baby formulas. The primary effort for the client was a complex series of relationship-marketing direct mailings sent to new mothers encouraging them to join the “Enfamil Family Beginnings” program. The campaign was a huge success, generating a 65% redemption rate on discount coupons included in the mailing

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