Robert Phillips

John is an absolute top-notch creative professional. I should know—I’ve performed post-production duties (including editing and direction) on all of the broadcast, training, and motivational film and video projects he has created over the last ten years.

His greatest talent is in recognizing that a commercial must generate profit for the client to be successful.

John is one of the few creative talents I know of that can literally write the scripts, select and secure the talent—including many celebrities—and produce the project from pre- through post-production. He is well versed in all phases of short- and long-form television and radio creative and can deliver exceptional product on any budget, from high to low…really low.

From my post-production perspective, John provides clear script blueprints for the editor to follow—he makes my job easy. He’s a team player, too, combining clear directions with an openness to listen to, and use the ideas that other members of the talent/technical team may offer.

Whether John is sitting next to me in the editing bay during post-production, or doing it from a distance, he makes every project a pleasure to work on.

Finally, the real bottom line on John’s talents is the end result. His work is not only up there with the best you will ever find in advertising—it also works! Don’t just take my word for it, just look at all of the work he has created that is still being used by corporations he worked for years ago.

Robert Phillips
Chief Editor, CBS Entertainment Tonight.

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