Robert Sinclair

I worked with John as a copy partner on a range of agency assignments, from every-day client deliverables to new business pitches.

John has a remarkable talent for pleasing even the most challenging clients, earning their trust and respect and consistently turning out a solid, well-crafted creative product. I also had a great admiration for John’s enthusiasm and open-mindedness.

A good copy/art team should always remain flexible and open to new ideas, and John and I could push each other to deliver on-strategy work that exceeded client expectations.

It’s also a pleasure to work with John. Deadlines and last-minute client requests have the potential to create stressful situations, but John somehow always kept his cool as a reliable, consistent, and genuinely friendly colleague.

John would make a great addition to any Creative team—highly recommended.

Robert Sinclair
Associate Creative Director, Art
Edelman Digital Advertising

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