Susan Bell

John and I were paired as a team at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide in Parsippany, NJ. 

Our biggest challenge at Ogilvy was the launch of the Smith Kline Glaxo type 2 diabetes drug Avandia. 

Together we spearheaded the development of a comprehensive relationship-marketing program for Avandia as well as producing all of the direct mail creative for that brand.

From my art director’s perspective, I have to observe that the experience of working with John was wonderful. As Associate Creative Director he was not only able to come up with copy that was pure gold, he also had the flexibility and team mentality to adjust his work so as to not compromise the visual impact of my own efforts.

Since I was new to direct response advertising, I learned a great deal from John about that branch of communications—a significant part of his expertise.

As far as day-to-day experiences at Ogilvy CommonHealth go, deadlines were often intense––as they always are during a major drug launch––and during these periods John was always supportive, fun to work with, and consistently met our deadlines in order to give the art directors and everyone else on our team enough time to do their best work for the client.

In addition to Avandia, John and I also created a relationship marketing program for the Johnson&Johnson prescription wrinkle cream Renova. That project required a creative pro able to write for multiple forms of advertising formats including print, video, packaging, and direct mail––and John moved effortlessly between each producing concepts and copy that met the strategic positioning goals of the brand with impact and exceptional creativity.

John and I have continued to work on other projects over the last few years and he only gets better as he increases his knowledge base.

If you wish to discuss John’s talents further, feel free to contact me personally at any time.

Susan Bell
Manager Global Creative
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

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